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10 kms far from Riva del Garda, 50 kms from Trento, 60 kms from Madonna di Campiglio and 30 Kms from the exit of Brennero highway - Rovereto Sud

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Tenno: the Castle, the Lake and Casa Artisti
Tenno, that rises on a wide terrace which opens towards Lake Garda along the road Riva Ponte Arche, is known for its castle, that has a history full of events and that has been written about since the thirteenth century. From 1511 to 1513 Cardinal Adriano da Cornet lived there, a friend of alessandro VI Borgia, who waas banished by pope Giulio II and killed in an abush on his way back to Rome.

The ancient San Lorenzo church, of the XI century is also worth a visit.

Going on towards Ville del Monte, a short diversion on the right leads to the medieval village of Canale where you will find the House of Artists, that gives hospitality to many exhibitions. Visiting this building gives us the possibility to get to know the ancient mountain houses‚€™ structure and the function of the different rooms.

To see

Waterfall of Varone:

On the road to Riva del Garda, there‚€™s the very famous and spectacular waterfall created by the river Magnone, that begins in the back-lying Corno di Pichea. The sheet of water that falls for abour 90 meters inside the gorge is massive and the sight is quite wonderful. It‚€™s possible thands to an artificial path inside the gorge, to admire the roaring and foaming waterfall just a few meters from the falling water

Lake Garda:

The biggest lake in Italy (360 square Km and 52 km in length). As all of the prealpine lakes, lake garda is glacial, i.e. formed by the powerful action of moving lglaciers, that came down from the Alps to the Po Plain in the Quaternary age. It‚€™s fed by the Sarca river, which flows from the glaciers of Adamello and Presanella. Lake Garda has been written about by great poets like Kante, Carducci, Catullo for its beauty and admired by important visitors such as J.W Goethe and Montaigne.

Riva del Garda:

Riva is defined the "Pearl of the Garda" for the beauty and the elegance of its picked historical center. In 3 November square is found the building Pretorio (work of the Scaligeris, second halves 1300) connected to the town Building (end 15 century).

Next to the ancient harbour it gets up the mighty tower Apponalere, built in 1220 to watch of the city.

Interesting to visit is the collegiate church of Santa Maria Assunta, reconstructed in the 18 century in Baroque style. It has nine marmoreal altars with valuable shovels of Giuseppe Craffonara (1790 - 1837) and of Gianbettino Cignaroli

Other work of art is the Baroque church of the Inviolata, with valuable plasters of Davide Reti, altarpieces of Palma il Giovane and splendid frescos of Martin Teofilo Polacco.

To complete your cultural artistic run to Riva we recommend you the visit to the Rocca di Riva, center of the Civic Museum of Shore (Pinacoteca and sectors devoted altogardesana to the archaeology).


Torbole , an ancient fischerme‚€™s village, owes ist fortunes to tourism because of ist enviable geographical position, as it is located onthe shores of lake Garda with the strong encircling mountains which protect it from winter‚€™s cold. It enjoys, as does the whole territory of the Garda a Mediterranean climate and flora.

Touristic Torbole also owes its fortunes to the possibility of practising many sports: from sailing to windsurfing, from mountain biking to free climbing.

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